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Questions to Ask Your Buyer's Broker/Agent.

Under Massachusetts Law, Chapter 112, section 87yy ½, a real estate brokers and salesmen may recommend a specific home inspector and/or inspection firm, but only if there is a written contractual agreement or a written agency disclosure between the buyer and the real estate broker specifying that the real estate broker is acting exclusively for the buyer as a buyer’s broker.

With that said, you must keep in mind that your Buyer’s Broker only gets paid if you buy the property. As a result, you may want to ask the following questions before blindly accepting their recommendation:

Whether you are using a Traditional Broker/Agent or a Buyer's Broker/Agent, when buying a house (one of the biggest investments of a life time) Middlesex Home Inspection recommends you consult an attorney to ensure your interests are protected.

Be sure to check out the video on what the experts say about using the inspector recommended by the Realtor/Buyer's Agent; click here to see what they say.

Massachusetts Law requires real estate brokers and salesmen, or the seller if no broker or salesperson is involved in the sale, the time of the signing of the first written contract to purchase to distribute a brochure, published by the office of consumer affairs and business regulations, educating consumers about the home inspection process.

Do you have you brochure yet; if not click here.

Unlike other inspection firms Middlesex Home Inspection does not solicit referrals from real-estate agents and/or companies and/or advertise in their office. To see why watch this video.

If you need experienced inspectors for your first or twenty-first real estate purchase, an Expert Witness in a Home Inspector Dispute and/or Consumer Protection Matter, call the office of Middlesex Home Inspection, the Buyer’s Inspection Service, and let our experience work to your advantage


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