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Do You Have A Case?

Middlesex Home Inspection provides expert testimony in cases involving faulty home inspections.

Middlesex Home Inspection’s comprehensive, diverse and direct experience in these matters is based on more than thirty years in the home inspection profession and Mr. Digby's service as chairman and/or vice chairman, since its inception, on the Massachusetts' Division of Professional Licensure for Home Inspector's Board, whose responsibility is to adjudicate claim made against home inspectors.

In his leadership positions, Mr. Digby has had significant influence in the development of Massachusetts’s Laws, Regulations and Standards of Practice for home inspectors (one of, if not the toughest Home Inspection Standard in the United States) to ensure that home inspectors provide the information necessary for you the buyer to make an informed decision concerning the purchase of your home.

If you feel your home inspector did not provide you with the information you needed and/or has not complied with Massachusetts’ Regulations, please contact our office (617-448-4211) and let our experience work for you.

Middlesex Home Inspection does not accept clients unless we are certain we can provide the service they require efficiently and effectively.

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