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Jack Digby is the founder and president of Middlesex Home Inspection, "The Buyer's Inspection Service" and the Number 1 home inspection company in Massachusetts.

Reflecting on his own experience, Jack saw the need for a consumers' advocate in the real estate transaction. Recognizing the listing real estate broker (the Seller's Representative) was working exclusively for the seller (owner) of the property; he felt the need for someone who would work exclusively for the Buyer inspecting the property objectively and honestly, utilizing authenticated resources, and explaining its overall condition with specific attention to the structural, electrical and mechanical systems since they could have the greatest impact on the prospective buyer's budget.

Utilizing his experience as a professional engineer and the experience gained during the "The Blizzard of 78" consulting with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Jack established Middlesex Home Inspection and has been providing its clients in Eastern Massachusetts, including: Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk and Plymouth counties with one of the most comprehensive home inspection reports in the home inspection profession for over thirty years.

Middlesex Home Inspection's unparalleled success speaks volumes about customer satisfaction. Middlesex Home Inspection is the Buyers Home Inspection firm, it does not seek referrals from Real Estate Agents and/or Real Estate firms; Middlesex Home Inspection's business relies on client satisfaction and word of mouth advertising.

Mr. Digby is Middlesex's lead inspector and holder of the # 1 license in Massachusetts. He has played a leading role in developing the home inspection law and has worked with the Division of Professional Licensure in developing the standards to which all home inspectors have to comply. Based on that experience Mr. Digby also works with consumers by providing expert testimony in home inspection disputes.

Mr. Digby is a past member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and has long been recognition by his peers as a leader in the home inspector profession. Mr. Digby is an accomplished speaker and author, he has received a number of awards for his leadership among which is the coveted Mel Chelfen award for "... A consistent record of ethical behavior in the home inspection profession....".