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What is The Buyer’s Inspection Service?

The Buyer’s Inspection Service is a group of home inspectors that work exclusively for the Homebuyer. Unlike other home inspectors, they do not solicit realtors and/or real estate firms for referrals, advertise on their web sites and you will not find their brochures in realtor's offices, they rely on word of mouth advertisement recognizing that they are only as good as their last inspection.

The Buyer’s Inspection Service recognizes that the actual purchase price of the property is the selling price plus the cost of repairs. When taking on a client they realize that it is their responsibility to report their findings in a clear forthright manner so that the client and their attorney can develop their strategy in negotiating the final purchase and sales of the property.

The Buyer’s Inspection Service provides a matter of fact report on the condition of the prospective purchase that allows its clients to:
  • Buy the property, knowing the issues they will encounter.
  • Develop a strategy to re-negotiate the purchase price based on the findings of the inspection.
  • If a negotiated settlement on the final purchase price cannot be reached, depending on the terms of their agreement with the seller of the property, walk away from the property in question because it is beyond their financial reach.
We believe honesty, ability, experience, service, and consistency are the components of an effective home inspection. We look forward to the opportunity to prove to you that these are not mere words; that both you and your inspector will derive mutual satisfaction from the services rendered to you. To learn more about The Buyers Inspection Service, please contact our office 617-448-4211.

Because our office size is smaller, we are able to consult and research issues within the office, prior to issuing your inspection report, to provide more personalized and comprehensive service. Each client is treated as an individual, and every home inspection and condominium inspection can be custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you need experienced inspectors for your first or twenty-first real estate purchase, an Expert Witness in a Home Inspector Dispute and/or Consumer Protection Matter, call the office of Middlesex Home Inspection, the Buyer’s Inspection Service, today and let our thirty years of experience work to your advantage 617-448-4211.