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Good Schools, Find Out. Radon
Massachusetts' School Ratings Citizen's Guide to Radon
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How Safe is your neighborhood? The Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction
Do criminals live in the neighborhood? Asbestos:
Electrical Safety What is Asbestos?
Arc Fault Current Interrupters What is Vermiculite?
Ground Fault Current Interrupters Private Wells:
Tamper Resistant Receptacles Water Quality (Private wells)
Insects: Private Well Guidelines
Carpenter Ants Private Wells
Termites A Guide to Water Quality Testing
Wood Boring Beetles Lead Paint
Title V: Lead Paint
Septic Systems Has Your House Been Tested?
Buying or Selling Property with a Septic System Renovating a house with Lead Paint
Maintenance of a Septic System Urea Formaldehyde
Swimming Pool Inspections Urea Formaldehyde
Pool Scene Investigations Flooding and Sewage Backups
Residential Oil Spills What to do if your Basement Floods
Home Owner Oil Spill Cleanup Guide

As a Buyer's Inspection Service, with over thirty years experience, we realize the importance of your purchase, whether it be a home or a condominium, it is your home; therefore, we are proud to provide you the resources you need in making one, if not the most important decisions of you life. Click on the informational links above for more information.

Other home inspectors and their firms often pay the ultimate compliment of consulting with Middlesex Home Inspection on areas of concern discovered during their clients’ inspection and retaining us for their personal real estate purchases.

Middlesex Home Inspection accepts clients when we are certain we can provide the service they require efficiently and effectively. Every client is important to us and is treated accordingly. As an independent inspection firm, representing the buyer, we do not advertise in and/or solicit real estate firms for inspections.

We believe honesty, ability, experience, service, and consistency are the components of an effective home inspection. We look forward to the opportunity to prove to you that these are not mere words; that both you and your inspector will derive mutual satisfaction from the services rendered to you. To learn more about Middlesex Home Inspection unparalleled success, please contact our office 617-448-4211.

Middlesex Home Inspection provides seasoned home and condominium inspectors whose professional philosophy is founded on the recognition that the actual purchase price of the property is the sales price plus the cost of repairs.

Because our office size is smaller, we are able to consult and research issues within the office, prior to issuing your inspection report, to provide more personalized and comprehensive service. Each client is treated as an individual, and every home inspection and condominium inspection can be custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you need experienced inspectors for your first or twenty-first real estate purchase, an Expert Witness in a Home Inspector Dispute and/or Consumer Protection Matter, call the office of Middlesex Home Inspection, the Buyer’s Inspection Service, today and let our thirty years of experience work to your advantage 617-448-4211.